Guest House, a Milwaukee Non-Profit

Behind-the-Scenes Storytelling Grows Brand Awareness  & Increases Year-End Donations 


  • Using donors and other community leaders, 10 videos  were produced that tell the behind-the-scenes stories of Guest House and the work that it does to help end homelessness. 

  • Edited for social media, the video shorts are authentic and shareable


  • Using an inside-out strategy to give Guest House supporters and staff  the opportunity to engage with the brand, built a customized content distribution plan 

  • Built and activated the influencer community

  • Produced & distributed “How To Share” video to engage casual social media users

  • Posted content to Facebook using opt-in internal influencers to build organic distribution and Smart Boost technology to maximize reach and impact of content

  • Built custom audiences and retargeted using lookalike audiences


  • Increased year-end donations by +30% 

  • Increased average donation amount by +30%

  • Produced content that drove more than 250K video views and a view rate of 37%.

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Milwaukee, WI



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